[Feb./Education] Daegu International School

“It is the goal of DIS to prepare all of our students academically, socially, and emotionally to enter post-secondary education in some of the finest Universities and Colleges in Korea, the USA, and worldwide.”
– Daegu International School


Courtesy of DIS

Daegu International School (DIS) is Daegu’s leading K-12 academic institution.  Located slightly outside the city, near the green mountains of Palgong, DIS gives students in Daegu the opportunity to receive an American education.  DIS was founded in 2010; its sister school, Lee Academy of Lee, Maine (USA), was founded in 1845.  Lee Academy and DIS have a close relationship and even share the same “Maine Learning Results” curriculum, which is well-regarded by educators.  As a result of this partnership, DIS is accredited in both the United States and Korea.

DIS is committed to helping K-12 students learn and grow through an American Education.  Hands-on learning and understanding global perspectives are key components of the DIS curriculum.  Class sizes are small so that certified American or Canadian teachers can connect with students and give them a solid educational foundation.  Students have the opportunity to interact with students from America, Korea, and around the world.


The Campus

DIS was built in 2009 and includes over 30 classrooms, a dining hall, a residence hall, playgrounds, sports facilities, a library, an auditorium, and more.  The campus is completely wireless and each classroom has a Smart Board.


Extracurricular Activities and Athletics

A wide range of extracurricular activities and athletics give students the opportunity to find their passions and become well-rounded individuals.  Students can take part in traditional school clubs like Chess Club, band, and Model United Nations.  They can also take advantage of DIS’s focus on technology and participate in the Robotics Club or Stop-Motion Movie Making.  Other clubs, such as the American Cooking Club, the Chinese Art and Calligraphy Club, and the American Pop Culture Club emphasize learning and growing through cultural activities.  Students of all grade levels are also encouraged to participate in athletics.  The younger students focus on team-building and having fun, while the older students are encouraged to develop their athletic skills, strategies, and sportsmanship.  High school sports include soccer, volleyball, basketball, and cross country for both boys and girls.  DIS varsity teams compete with other international schools around Korea.



Like many American schools, DIS offers busing, lunches, and a full-time nurse.  For lunch, students can choose either an international menu or a Korean-style meal.  Students who board at the school also receive breakfast and dinner.


DIS is open to students from all over the world; however, priority is given to qualified students whose families have relocated to Korea.  Click here or contact the Admissions Office at admissions@dis.or.kr or +82-53-980-2100 for more information.

Photos courtesy of Daegu International School


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